Wednesday’s Primal-ific menu

Today’s breakfast was quite frankly a bit odd. Cold left over scrambled egg from the day before that the kids didn’t eat, left over sautéed zucchini and mince from the stuffed capsicums.

Lunch was tomato soup bought from the shop with no nasty ingredients. Ive been pretty hungry the rest of the day and have had a few nuts and slices of cheese to keep me going. I went to the gym today for the second time and it’s fired my hunger!

Dinner was a great success. Slow cooker Honey Dijon creamy chicken and vegetables over butternut squash rice. (Recipe to follow). Ok, the rice is “primal light” as my sister likes to say, but I did go to gym today and that classifies me as an athlete right? Somehow I even managed to resist the choccie slice at my woman’s connect/church group tonight. Legend!

But can I say I think I’m going to wake up very, very hungry!



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