Friday’s menu – confession time

So, today started off ok – if you count having a sick 2 and 4 year old who woke too early and are cranky as – and you have a sore, scratchy throat as well! Gym was out, not feeling up to it but thankfully beautiful man was there to save the day with emergency trip to shop to pick up eggs, bacon and delightful coffee – sugar free of course. And need i mention without toast, of course? we always need to fry up extra bacon for our little carnivores – bless their little cotton socks!

Since giving up sugar in my coffee I find the only coffee I can really enjoy is the espresso / cafe kind. Instant is diabolical without sugar. This has been good for my green tea / and or water consumption! Bonus 🙂

Lunch, I wasn’t hungry having been to the dentist- well I had a nibble of left over roast chicken but not a “real lunch”. This was my downfall……

Because I met a friend at a play cafe and ate half the kid’s hot chips. Yum, yum, I loooooovvve chips. At least they are gluten free but it’s really the crappy, rancid, omega 6, industrially pressed vegetable oil they were cooked in that worries me. Why is it impossible to order anything thats actually good for you? Hmmmmmmm?

Tonight slightly redeeming with left over Dijon creamy casserole that is primal.

I may not have been to the gym today but the amount of running around and cleaning up after the kids (collage, play dough, play date, park) should count for something right? Monster play dough anyone?



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