Saturday’s menu. Disclaimer: none too exciting …

It’s amazing how a simple head cold can knock you around. I’ve spent the best part of today bludging around, looking after poorly infants and achieving very little.

Did the grocery shopping today and ate breakfast out. Ordered the ‘big’ brekkie which had bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms and spinach. Left out the toast and shared with the kids there was still, too much. Had a couple of dried apricots, a small cheese and a slice of orange for lunch and about to eat a pre-made pumpkin soup (all natural and gluten free for dinner). Astonishing how being sick kills the appetite 🙂

In my effort to get the kids eating more healthy I am really trying to get them gluten free. I don’t mind the whole low carb thing so much as they are so active their little bodies need that energy to keep going! According to my son Alex’s kindy teacher they run an equivalent of 7km a day when they are at kindy. Wow, go little legs go!

Tonight’s dinner for the kids was an attempt to ‘glamorise’ salad. Rice paper tuna and salad (capsicum, grated carrot, cucumber and shredded spinach) rolls with soy as a dipping sauce. They have a zero tolerance for chilli! Not too bad and a good novelty. I reckon left over roast chicken would work a treat.

Here’s hoping we feel better tomorrow 🙂



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