Sunday’s menu

Sunday was another ” sick day” for my little family. Hubby made us ham omelettes for brekkie which were filling, simple and nutritious.

Lunchtime rolled around and we didn’t have the energy to cook so we went up to the local Grill’d burger joint where I ordered my first ever grass-fed, bunless burger. It was a grass-fed lamb pattie on top of a bed of cos lettuce, salsa, roasted peppers and topped off with tzaziki. It was really delicious and I left feeling light and not bloated at all. This place also offers gluten-free buns however I really hate ‘substitutes’. They never quite taste the same!

After our large lunch we really didn’t feel like anything too heavy so we roasted some veggies in the oven in coconut oil and Greek seasoning then tossed through some apple cider vinegar and a few slices of grilled Haloumi cheese. Very yummy indeed. I really prefer olive oil to coconut oil as I find the flavour of coconut oil a bit too sweet. However the seasoning of oregano and fennel plus the vinegar helped to mask the sweetness of the oil. I’m trying to increase my coconut oil usage as its meant to help with Hashimotos disease, something I unfortunately was diagnosed with least year.

That will be the subject of another post, when my little family get over their colds and I can find some time to write about it!




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