I’m back! Well, kinda …..

Hi all,

It’s been ages since I got on here. Why, well we had a break from kindy over the Easter break of twenty sleeps. 20 sleeps folks! That is a long time to devote to two precious little 2 and 4 year olds 24/7. I don’t know about other families, but my littlies love one another, so much so, that even when they are fighting (seems to be ALL the time), they can’t bear to apart. So there is no time left to sneak off and write a little blog post here or there, when I’m required to be about as chief peace maker.

But the wonderful thing that has happened to me today? Both kidlets fell asleep ( via mummy promoted drive around town) and I have some precious free time to post some of the recipes I’ve made over the last few weeks. My fav has been a delicious paleo fried rice made from cauliflower. So easy, quick and delicious and actually tastes better than the real thing [for a change :)] !

Oh hang on, my newish apple iPhone inexplicably carked it yesterday and will not turn on! I’ve no photos of my scrummy deliciousness to offer.

Oh we’ll, time to go back surfing the net and enjoying my precious break.

C’est la vie.

Think ill go make a cup of tea xxx


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