Simple, satisfying lunch


What a coup – one child in kindy, one little girl asleep, dinner in the crockpot (a Primal beef stroganoff), all chores done, over an hour til kindy pick up and about to sit down to a tasty lunch of leftover Primal Broccoli Slaw (recipe here) – a yummy blend of raw broccoli, craisins, slivered almonds and red onion in a creamy buttermilk dressing – all washed down with a glass of delicious hibiscus, galangal and lime flavoured kombucha – a living drink containing beneficial probiotics and powerful antioxidants!

I was so glad to source the kombucha up the Sunny coast the other weekend. I had read of the amazing health benefits on various Paleo blogs however as the Paleo movement is still in its infancy in Australia we don’t seem to have the same number of products available. And let’s face it, I have neither the time, nor inclination to brew me up a vat of the stuff. It’d probably explode šŸ™‚ at $10 bucks a pop it ain’t cheap, but it is a great Paleo treat instead of boring old water and it lasts well in the fridge.

Well, I’m off to do some study, lunch now finished. Xx


2 thoughts on “Simple, satisfying lunch

  1. We found this brand of kombuca at the Northey St Markets in Windsor on the weekend – and only $9 per bottle! These markets are on every Sunday morning and it is paleo heaven there (raw cheeses, coconut products, chia, etc, etc)

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