Nom Nom Nom – Paleo Apple Almond Pancakes / Pikelets


Help, we have no bananas! I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen today with a new paleo pancake recipe. I love my Nom Nom Nom Paleo Banana Pancakes which is a simple and delicious three ingredient only (could be two!) breakfast solution. It’s what I felt like eating today yet we have no bananas…… Which led me to thinking about a pancake based on a different type of fruit, in this case, apple purée.


. 140g tub apple purée
. 2 eggs
. 1/4 cup ground almonds
. 1/4 cup organic nut butter (NOT peanut butter!)
. 1 tspn organic vanilla extract
. Dash cinnamon
. Coconut oil to fry


1. Mix all ingredients together to form a smooth batter
2. Cook in coconut oil or butter, if preferred

These turned out quite nice however I still prefer my banana pancakes. You see, like all Paleo baking, you really can tell a substitute because of the slightly strange texture that adding nut flour gives. The banana pancakes on the other hand do not need nut flours to give them a pancake like consistency so are far superior, in my opinion 🙂

I will def make these again – when I have no bananas!


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