Uh-mazing Paleo Date and Coconut Muffins, Really!


These muffins I can honestly say are the absolute BEST paleo muffins I have ever made. I usually don’t even bother with paleo baking as the result is often too much of a let down. Ordinarily I find the use of almond flour or coconut flour, whilst tasty, is just too strange in texture for my tastes. But today I decided to go ahead and make some muffins anyway as I was looking for a fun activity to do with the kids I’m so, so glad I did. Not only are they tasty but because the batter is whizzed up in the food processor the kids had a great time making them.

This muffin is primarily made with coconut flour, ground up dried dates, banana and eggs. It is completely gluten, grain, sugar and lactose free. It really couldn’t get any better in the paleo stakes. I think it is the ground up dates that give it the fantastic texture – it was almost like eating a tasty wholemeal muffin.

I got the recipe ( click here) from fellow blogger -Tania’s Pantry, and I must say, I am so, so grateful. Thank you Tania! I will be making these little beauties again and again and again.


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