Paleo Zucchini Chips – it doesn’t get any easier than this folks!


Eureka! I have successfully made zucchini chips! The first time I attempted these salty little snacks I made the mistake of actually consulting a recipe which suggested coating the chips in oil, salt and vinegar before dehydrating. Big, big mistake. HUGE! The oil dripped down between the dehydrating layers resulting in a soggy, revolting and gross limp vegetable thingy that to top it off was way too salty.

It’s taken me a while to brave doing it again but this week zucchinis were $1.99 kg at the grocers and I just had to have another go at it. (Not to mention the fact that I actually bought the dehydrator off the back of the Pinterest recipe I tried, albeit it was only $30 bucks at Aldi, but still…..)

This time I simply sliced the zucchini on the thinnest setting on my mandolin slicer; placed it in the dehydrator; very, very lightly sprinkled with sea salt and let it dehydrate for around 8 hours at 55 dc.

It is really important to go sparingly with the salt as I’ve found out the hard way that the dehydrating process intensifies the saltiness of the vegetable anyway. I moved the trays around every hour or so (I mean, the dehydrator IS from dodgy Aldi so not really the best quality) to ensure they dried evenly and that was it. Gorgeous! I actually only got to eat about two chips as the rest of the family yummed them down. Oh well, plenty of zucchini left in the fridge and now I know how good they are I can’t wait to make again and experiment with other food as well. Happy Days 🙂


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