Kiwi Fruit Chews

Today is the labour day public holiday in Queensland and it is 36*C even though it is only the 2nd month of spring! I am so scared about the scorcher summer is shaping up to be. So here I am holed up in the house with the air con blaring as even the deck is unbearable. I should be rifling through my endless piles of paperwork to get my tax sorted but instead I’m procrastinating with another blog post. I’ve been rather quiet of late on account of the kindy two week spring holiday – when I have two kids at home I just cannot manage to get anything done apart from play dough, painting and craft that is. Huh!

I have been doing a lot of dehydrating lately as I find the easiest way to ‘cheat’ on the primal / paleo diet is when you are hungry and there are no paleo approved snacks in the house. I have an awful sweet tooth so the plan was to turn a basket-full of kiwi fruit into a chewy fruit lolly and they really worked. Nice and sweet and tangy with a chewy texture.


. ripe kiwi fruit


Simply peel the kiwi fruit and slice each fruit into about 10 or so rounds. Pop into the dehydrator for 6 hours at 60 *C. I kept mine refrigerated given the heat and I’m not sure how long they would keep as they are only partially dehydrated. They didn’t last long as the kids ate them all up within a few days 🙂



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