Paleo – ish Ginger Sesame Bliss Balls

I love having the sort of kind and wonderful friends who go out of their way to accommodate one’s dietary intolerances and make delicious paleo approved treats for me. Even though I follow the Primal Lifestyle developed by Mark Sisson and therefore I am allowed the occasional treat (80/20 Rule)such as a slice of birthday cake or a few chips with my dip, whenever I do indulge in the odd piece of wheat-infused food I bloat up ridiculously like a balloon so do try to avoid it. The reason I call these ‘Paleo-ish’ is because they contain preserved ginger. Whilst it is not the completely laden with sugar kind, naked ginger is still made with some sugar so it is a bit of a treat. Given this recipe only calls for 1/2 cup of it I’m completely ok with yumming these little morsels down!

My wonderful friend Sarah recently created and shared these gorgeous Paleoish Bliss Balls for me on a play date with our kids. They were so gorgeous I got the recipe, which I then lost, which is typical of my constant brain fogged state, so I recreated them here as close as I could and they turned out great. The secret is to toast the sesame seeds before making as this gives a very rich and appealing flavour to the snack, yummy!


. 1 cup raw almonds
. 1/2 cup pitted dried dates
. 1/2 cup sultanas
. 1/2 cup ‘naked’ uncrystallised ginger
. 50 g sesame seeds, dry roasted in a fry pan


1. Blitz first four ingredients in food processor until well combined but still a little chunky.
2. Place mixture into bowl and add in cooled toasted sesame seeds. Mix well by hand and then form into small balls. This is a very rich treat on account of the toasted sesame seeds so you don’t want to make them too large. You do not need to roll these balls in anything like coconut etc as the sesame seeds will to hold them together.

These are a delightful, sweet and filling treat. I’ve eaten one or two for brekkie when I’ve only wanted something light and they are great with a cuppa for morning tea too.



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