Easy Peasy Paleo Beef and Veggie Casserole


I used to make this recipe all the time back in the day when we ate more processed food at home. It is so easy and a great meal to feed the kids because there are a lot of veggies that have mushed down in the gravy so it is more appealing to their picky palates. Frozen veg is uninspiring at the best of times but for a quick, no cut meal (even my meat was pre-cut) it can’t be beat!

All that is required is some stewing beef, frozen veg, water and in the old days, a packet of french onion soup – which I have a handy paleo-approved replacement recipe for!


. 500 g stewing beef, cut into strips
. 2 cups frozen vegetables, organic preferably
. 1 cup water
. 1 portion dry French Onion Soup Mix *


1. Preheat oven to 160 *C
2. Place beef in casserole dish, sprinkle over soup mix until beef is well covered. Add in vegetables and water and bake covered for 1 1/2 hours and then uncovered for 30 mins. Check to see if more water is required during the cooking time so you have a nice gravy for the stew.

This time I used 1 cup of stock and left out the stock powder in the Onion Soup Mix. My frozen veggies were a mix of carrots, beans, peas, broccoli and cauliflower. Served up with a mashed root vegetable, or rice if you eat it, I guarantee it will be a tasty and easy dish. It’s not the prettiest of dishes but it sure is tasty 🙂


. 2 tbspn dried onion flakes
. 4 tspn stock powder (choose carefully to avoid ones with nasty ingredients)
. 1 tspn onion powder
. 1 tspn garlic powder
. 1/8 tspn celery salt


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