Raw Prune and Goji Berry Balls


Today I was going to make my favourite banana bread but when I got to the pantry I realised it was pretty bare. Instead, I made up these extremely good bliss balls from the scant ingredients I had left and I somehow created a paleo version of the quintessential Aussie Christmas treat – the humble rum ball! A rum ball is a delicious concoction of cocoa, crushed biscuit and condensed milk flavoured with rum – fabulous but completely unhealthy. These little bliss balls on the other hand are packed with uber healthy nuts, seeds and goji berries, the secret ingredient that give the snack a sour flavour that together with the cocoa, reminds me of rum balls. Yum, so, so good!


. 200g preservative-free, pitted dried prunes
. 1/2 cup raw almonds
. 1 tbsn chia seeds
. 1 tbsn goji berries, roughly chopped
. 1 tbsn pepitas
. 1 tbsn sesame seeds
. 1 tbsn cocoa powder
. Sprinkle cinnamon
. shredded coconut, to roll balls in


1. Put all ingredients, except for coconut, into food processor and blitz well until a ‘dough’ has formed. I needed to add a splash of water to make the mixture come together however if you like a sweeter bliss ball then 1/2 tbsn honey would work really well.
2. Roll into small balls and coat with coconut. Keep in the refrigerator, if they last that long 🙂



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