Exercise, where for art thou?

Big news. Big, big news. I had my first attempt at exercise today all year, and lets face it, since last October, when I was struck down with wave after wave of Hashimotos related illnesses.

Wanna know a secret? I loved it! 30 min exercise – totally kid free- you gotta take your me time when you can get it. 30 min is all the time I can manage right now – it’s not too much of an ask for mum to babysit and I really don’t want to kill myself anyhoos. I’ve six kgs to lose, if I could get to the 58 kgs I was when I was married I would be really happy. The key is fitness not anorexia. And for those who might say, hang on, Curves is not bonafide paleo, well, I’m sorry but crossfit was 3 times as much which was completely and utterly unaffordable, and just between you and me, um, yeah, just a teensy weensy ( read a lot) intimidating! Um, yeah, no! Nah uh, nooooo, no way, $44 per week, rack off quite frankly!

Anyway, this combined with healthy diet I really feel will make all the difference.

Wish me luck