Fast Food Paleo


I’m feeling a little lazy this Friday night after a busy day of playgroup, a lunch playdate with friends and then the gym! Quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered to cook the kids a meal so I decided to rustle up some pantry items to make a Paleo Mezze plate. Salami, liverwurst rounds, smoked ocean rainbow trout, carrot and capsicum sticks, cherry tomatoes and ‘paleo approved’ pesto AND voila Fast Food Paleo!

My two year old and four year old absolutely yummed this down – no arguments or food fights whatsoever tonight. They enjoyed their dinner so much I even got a spare minute to whip up a batch of Cauliflower Hummus. I can’t believe that I have been following the Primal Lifestyle for a year now and only just discovered this amazing gem – thank you Pinterest. I pretty much followed this recipe from AVeggie Venture however I halved the amount and used half a bag of frozen cauliflower, garlic powder over fresh garlic and a lime instead of lemon as that’s all I had. It was still amazing and so, so quick. I even gave some to the kids to eat after all the pesto went.

Happy Days 🙂



Mid-week in review – Some good news!

What a crazy week it has been so far! Monday night we had our son’s Parent Kindy Experience Night. It was heaps of fun as we got to play just like the kids. The night was designed to show the extreme importance of play in a child’s overall development. I even got to make my boy a ‘toy alien’ – which he delightfully told me was his favourite toy EVER!


Tuesday night was the gym then Japanese study and last night I caught up with some girlfriends! Aargh, I’m too old to be going out on a weeknight:)

So, I’ve not really had a chance to record my meals but here are a few highlights:

A quick, tasty and unusual brekkie – liverwurst on cucumber rounds and green tea:


This is sooooo quick and easy and oddly satisfying.

A great dinner one day this week was my ‘spaghetti’ bolognaise made on zucchini noodles. I veggied up my meat sauce with grated carrot and mushrooms. It makes for a quick and easy lunch too.

To make your zucchini noodles all you need is a julienne vegetable peeler and nuke them in the microwave for a minute or so – depending on how ‘al dente” you like your noodles!


Another simple, tasty meal I enjoyed this weak was grilled lamb rump steak marinatated in olive oil and dusted with sumac – a tangy middle-eastern spice. Enjoy with roast veg and a dollop of natural yogurt.


Keeping on track with my diet with all of these healthy meals is starting to pay off! I have lost one whole kilo since starting this blog! Woo hoo. Now only 5 kilos to go. I’m starting to believe it might be possible 🙂

Saturday’s menu. Disclaimer: none too exciting …

It’s amazing how a simple head cold can knock you around. I’ve spent the best part of today bludging around, looking after poorly infants and achieving very little.

Did the grocery shopping today and ate breakfast out. Ordered the ‘big’ brekkie which had bacon, sausages, eggs, mushrooms and spinach. Left out the toast and shared with the kids there was still, too much. Had a couple of dried apricots, a small cheese and a slice of orange for lunch and about to eat a pre-made pumpkin soup (all natural and gluten free for dinner). Astonishing how being sick kills the appetite 🙂

In my effort to get the kids eating more healthy I am really trying to get them gluten free. I don’t mind the whole low carb thing so much as they are so active their little bodies need that energy to keep going! According to my son Alex’s kindy teacher they run an equivalent of 7km a day when they are at kindy. Wow, go little legs go!

Tonight’s dinner for the kids was an attempt to ‘glamorise’ salad. Rice paper tuna and salad (capsicum, grated carrot, cucumber and shredded spinach) rolls with soy as a dipping sauce. They have a zero tolerance for chilli! Not too bad and a good novelty. I reckon left over roast chicken would work a treat.

Here’s hoping we feel better tomorrow 🙂


Friday’s menu – confession time

So, today started off ok – if you count having a sick 2 and 4 year old who woke too early and are cranky as – and you have a sore, scratchy throat as well! Gym was out, not feeling up to it but thankfully beautiful man was there to save the day with emergency trip to shop to pick up eggs, bacon and delightful coffee – sugar free of course. And need i mention without toast, of course? we always need to fry up extra bacon for our little carnivores – bless their little cotton socks!

Since giving up sugar in my coffee I find the only coffee I can really enjoy is the espresso / cafe kind. Instant is diabolical without sugar. This has been good for my green tea / and or water consumption! Bonus 🙂

Lunch, I wasn’t hungry having been to the dentist- well I had a nibble of left over roast chicken but not a “real lunch”. This was my downfall……

Because I met a friend at a play cafe and ate half the kid’s hot chips. Yum, yum, I loooooovvve chips. At least they are gluten free but it’s really the crappy, rancid, omega 6, industrially pressed vegetable oil they were cooked in that worries me. Why is it impossible to order anything thats actually good for you? Hmmmmmmm?

Tonight slightly redeeming with left over Dijon creamy casserole that is primal.

I may not have been to the gym today but the amount of running around and cleaning up after the kids (collage, play dough, play date, park) should count for something right? Monster play dough anyone?