Primal Dinner Plate

I haven’t been in the blogosphere for SO long. Basically I have graduated from full time mum to part-time mum/part-time teacher and it has been crazy days ever since. I absolutely love being back to being a teacher and managing our hectic family life but there has been no time for blogging.

Anyway, it’s the Easter holidays and hubby and I are enjoying a well-earned ,  

 lazy break. So lazy we couldn’t be bothered to cook dinner. A quick rummage through the fridge however produced this very satisfying and tasty dinner – lightly steamed asparagus, gerkins, tomatoes, bocconcini, salami, kabana, raw organic baby carrots and pesto and tomato relish to dip ! Ridiculously outstanding – who said healthy had to be hard?


No bread for lunch? No worries.


When we went primal hubby and I were concerned with what to eat for lunch, you know, since bread is clearly off the menu. Over the year and a bit we have been doing the primal thing we have improvised with lettuce sandwiches, soups, salads etc. and one of my favourite things to do is to eat a healthy dip and assorted medley of vegetables – it honestly does not get easier.

Today was a scorcher – 41*C which is pretty much unprecedented – the last time it was this hot in Brisbane my lovely man and I were flying back from our honeymoon in New Zealand where it actually snowed so I’ve never experienced this kind of heat before. That was almost 10 years ago. Thank God for Air-con is all I can say!!! In this kind of heat who honestly wants a sandwich or soup? This mixed dip platter was awesome for lunch and the 3 and 5 year old hoed into it which is always a bonus!

On today’s menu we had a primal tzaziki yogurt and cucumber dip, veggie sticks, left over roast chicken chunks and cherries and lychees. Outstanding!